Grand Rapids, Michigan
SublocationsHero Boy's House, Herpolsheimer's, 11344 Edbrooke Avenue
InhabitantsHero Boy, Sarah, Hero Boy's Parents, Billy the Lonely Boy
VisitorsConductor, Santa Claus
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Grand Rapids, Michigan is the home of Hero Boy and Billy the Lonely Boy.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express makes two stops in Grand Rapids, the first at Hero Boy's house and the other at 11344 Edbrooke Avenue, Billy's house, which is also the last stop before the North Pole. The train also passes by Herpolsheimer's sometime between the two stops.

The train makes the same two stops for the return journey, but at 11344 Edbrooke first.

Real life

In real life, there is a town called Grand Rapids in Michigan. It is the town where Chris Van Allsburg, the author of the book, grew up when he was a child. The town also had two Herpolsheimer's department stores before both went out of business in 1987, though there never was any street called Edbrooke Avenue. The address is based off of that of Robert Zemeckis' childhood home, which is in Chicago, Illinois.

The film's premiere also took place in Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan Hero Boy's House Herpolsheimer's 11344 Edbrooke Avenue
Journey to the North Pole Flat Top Tunnel Glacier Gulch Ice Lake
North Pole North Pole North Pole Square Communications Room Wrapping Room

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