"It Takes Two"
Performer(s)André Sogliuzzo
Character(s)Smokey and Steamer
"It Takes Two" is a song performed by Smokey and Steamer that was meant to be featured in the film, The Polar Express. However, it was cut after the producers thought the film would flow better without it. Since they believed that Michael Jeter, who passed away during the film's production, did a good job performing Smokey and Steamer for the song, they found it difficult to let the scene go, so they decided to include it as a bonus feature on the film's DVD release as a tribute to Jeter.


The scene starts when Hero Boy lands in the tender of the locomotive and finds Hero Girl driving the train. Hero Girl lets Hero Boy pull the whistle rope, but the moment he does, the locomotive starts making hissing noises. Hero Girl tries to fix it, doing what she claims the engineer told her to do, though she lost confidence after Hero Boy asks if she is sure.

Eventually, Smokey and Steamer return to the engine room and stop the noises. When they asked what happened, Hero Girl explains that she did what she was told to do, but Smokey and Steamer explains that the two things had to be turned "together." Then they break into a song about how they work together.


Put it all together
Put it all together
Two heads are always better than one
Together, yes, together makes it run

It takes a half a ton of coal
Hot rush to rough air
A tiny spark can light your fire.
Tingle up and care.

Add a little water.
And a pinch or two of thyme
And long before you know it,
Steam is coming through the line

Put it all together
Put it all together
Two heads are always better than one
Together, yes, together makes it fun

Put it all together
Two heads are always better than one!
Two heads are better than one!

Description (continued)

After the song, Hero Girl questions how she could have worked together if she was alone. Smokey and Steamer suggest that Hero Boy could have helped, then introduced themselves to him and asked how he got to the engine room. Hero Boy explains that the King of the North Pole brought him here, making Smokey and Steamer scared, so they run away and pull down a curtain in front of the cab's exit.

Hero Boy and Hero Girl exit the engine room to see where Smokey and Steamer went. Suddenly, a light shines on the curtain and Smokey and Steamer perform a shadow puppet show, explaining the story of the King of the North Pole. One Christmas Eve, a Hobo named King decided to ride on the roof of Polar Express for free when suddenly, it started to snow the train went down a hill towards Flat Top Tunnel. King, unable to get off the train in time, gets killed. Some say that his ghost still rides on the train every year on Christmas Eve. Hero Girl scoffs at the story, but Hero Boy explains how he saw King on the train's roof and disappear just as the train entered the tunnel. Hero Girl suggests he might be a guardian angel.

Suddenly, Smokey and Steamer remember that they have to change the light, so they leave Hero Boy and Hero Girl to drive the train again and remind them to work together.

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