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Lionel is an American toy manufacturer and retailer founded in 1900 that specializes in toy trains and model railroads. They have been producing merchandise related to The Polar Express.

Rolling Stock

O Gauge

  • Boxcar
  • Combination Car
  • Personal Baggage Car
  • Baby Madison Baggage Car
  • Christmas Bells Mint Car
  • Elf Handcar
  • Baby Madison Diner
  • USRA Double Sheathed Box
  • "Letters to Santa" Mail Car
  • Heavyweight Scale Gold Edition Observation Car
  • Baby Madison Disappearing Hobo Car
  • Baby Madison Coach with Conductor Announcement

S Gauge

  • Elf Handcar
  • Baggage Car
  • Abandoned Toy Car


O Gauge

  • Metal Girder Bridge


O Gauge

  • Passenger Set with Bluetooth (includes locomotive and tender, 2 Passenger Cars and 1 Observation Car)
  • 2016 Dream Kit
  • 2016 Holiday Kit
  • Streamliner Passenger Car Add-on 2-Pack

S Gauge

  • Ready-to-Run Set


  • Ready-to-Play Set


O Gauge


O Gauge

  • Operating Billboard

G Gauge

  • G-Gauge Diorama


  • Conductor's Pocket Watch Floor Matt
  • Conductor's Pocket Watch Tree Skirt
  • Conductor's Pocket Watch House Flag
  • Conductor's Pocket Watch Stocking
  • Conductor's Pocket Watch Garden Flag
  • Conductor's Pocket Watch Wall Hanging
  • Conductor Pocket Watch
  • "Santa in Sleigh" Stocking
  • "The Gift" Stocking Holder
  • Locomotive Clip-On Decoration
  • Golden Ticket Commemorative
  • "Santa in Sleigh" Wall Hanging
  • "Santa in Sleigh" House Flag
  • "North Pole Tree" House Flag
  • "North Pole Tree" Wall Hanging
  • "North Pole Tree" Stocking Holder
  • "The Bell Still Rings for Me" Welcome Mat
  • Garden Flag Holder



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