Character information
OccupationPolar Express waiters
AlliesConductor, Pastry Chefs
LikesServing hot chocolate
Background information
Motion captureJosh Eli, Gregory Gast, Gordon Hart, Rolandas Hendricks, Mark Goodman, Mark Mendonca, Jon Scott and Sean Scott
Appeared inThe Film
The Waiters are characters in the film. They serve the children aboard the train hot chocolate, which is made in a machine operated by the Pastry Chefs, while dancing and singing the "Hot Chocolate" song.

The Waiters start the dance by entering the passenger car and transforming it into a dining car by turning around half the seats and adding tables. Next, the Pastry Chefs come in with their machine and toss plates and cups to the Waiters. After that, the Chefs use the machine to shoot hot chocolate across the car while the Waiters catch it in the cups and serve it to the children. Once everyone finished, the Waiters collected the empty cups and revered the seats back to their original position.


  • The Waiters do not appear in the book; the Pastry Chefs serve the children hot chocolate alone.
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